Larena 350 ml Leg Bag

Larena 350 ml Leg Bag

The Larena 350 ml Leg Bag is a small and discreet urine collection bag for everyday use by patients with urinary incontinence problems.

It consists ofnon-return valve, soft interlining non-woven backing, unique drainage Lever-Tap valve outlet, smooth drain with a large diameter and 50 cm length with the possibility of adapting its length and 6 holes for attaching leg straps.

Product features

Larena 350 ml Leg Bag due to its small size is much more discreet and less noticeable under clothing than standard bags for collecting urine for the leg with larger capacities;

The flexibility and stability of the drain allows easy urine flow, allowing the placement of the bag below the level of the patient’s bladder;

Smooth drain surface facilitates the outflow of urine into the bag, reducing the risk of urine retention. The large tube diameter eliminates the possibility of the drain bending, kinking or clogging;

The non-return valve prevents the recurrence of urine, which is very important in preventing infections;

Perpendicular holes both at the top and bottom of the bag allow the use of all fastening straps available on the market. An additional pair of holes at the top allows a better fit of the bag attachment depending on the patient’s needs;

Larena leg bags are equipped with a universal cone-shaped connector. This allows for easy connection of an internal (urological) catheter, external catheter or urostomy bag;

The bag is intended to be worn either on the thigh or calf;

To increase the comfort of use, the inside of the bag is made of non-woven and skin-friendly, soft interlining material that protects the skin against irritation and chafing;

Larena bag outlet valves are designed for easy, convenient and hygienic emptying of their contents, even for people with incomplete hand function;

The drain coming out of the leg bag can be directly connected to the 24-hour urine collection bag (2000 ml or larger), without the need to change the bag;

All Larena bags have a printed scale on the outside of the bag for easy reading of the amount of urine collected;

A long drain (50 cm) with an enlarged diameter ensures safety and freedom during sleep, eliminating the risk of its spraining and obstructing the outflow of urine or its holding in the drain;

The drain can be cut before fitting the conical connector to adapt its length to the individual height of the patient – this allows free movement and allows a full range of movements. The smooth construction of the drain enables cutting its length in any place, according to the individual needs of the patient (the ribbed drain, unlike the smooth one, can be cut only in 4-6 cm increments);

Larena leg bags are available in 4 sizes – 350 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml and 1500 ml;

Larena bags are individually wrapped in plastic packaging, which can be easily opened using a special perforation placed on their edge.

Cortmed Larena Urinary Products

Larena urine collection bags and fastening accessories have been designed with their users in mind. They provide the patient with maximum comfort and safety. Larena products combine high functionality, modern design and solid performance.

In the process of creating Larena urine bags, all practical aspects of using the bag have been taken into account, both inside and outside the hospital. The design and method of making Larena bags for urine collection includes many useful enhancements, ensuring safe use and making them the best choice for those looking for innovative products of the highest quality.

Larena urine collection bags are available in different variants and sizes to best meet the individual needs of the patient.

Extremely soft interlining backing

All Larena Leg Bags have an extremely soft and fleece non-woven backing. The fabric is friendly in contact with the skin and protects it from possible irritation or damage.

Smooth drain – comfort and individual fit

The drain in Larena Leg Bags can be cut to any length, individually tailored to the patient’s needs (this distinguishes between smooth and ribbed drains, which can only be cut in increments of 4-6 cm).

Cone-shaped connector

All Larena bags have a cone-shaped connector for secure and convenient connection of the bag to the catheter. The conical connector is put on after fitting (cutting) the drain.

Individual packing

All Larena bags are individually wrapped in plastic packaging which has a perforation line to facilitate opening. Separate packaging enables hygienic storage of the product and confirms that the product has not been used.

Non return valve

All Larena bags have a non-return valve to prevent the back flow of urine – regardless of a body or bag position.

Comfortable and safe enlarged Lever-Tap valve

Larena Leg Bags have an innovative, convenient and easy-to-use Lever-Tap drain valve, operated with one hand, even by people with incomplete hand function.

Easy connection to an additional urine collection bag

Larena Leg Bags can be attached to an additional urine collection bag without having to remove the leg bag. After attaching the additional urine bag, the leg bag outlet valve should be opened down.