About us

About us

Cortmed International deals in the development, manufacture and sales of medical devices for patients with stoma and urological problems.

Our products are designed based on the experience of patients and healthcare professionals from around the world. Close cooperation with users of Cortmed International products allows us to guarantee satisfaction with a product offer tailored to their needs.

When manufacturing our products, we pay the utmost attention to ensuring the highest quality of materials we use and the control of our production process. Cortmed International products are constantly evaluated and improved by us according to our employees’ observations, and feedback from our customers. We believe that only by delivering the highest quality, we are able to bring real change to the lives of our patients by providing them with the safety and comfort offered by our products.

Our mission

Improving the comfort
of everyday life

Our first and most important objective is to make life easier for our patients and the people around them by contributing to the improvement of health care and treatment procedures in the field of stoma and urological care. We strive to make real changes in the lives of the people who use our products. We treat helping others and implementation new solutions as our obligation and responsibility.

Caring for the needs
of others

The priority of Cortmed International activities is the satisfaction of our customers. We carefully listen to the patients’ expectations and needs, and then we adjust our offer in such a way as to fully satisfy them. We place great emphasis on direct contact with the users of our products, thanks to which we have the opportunity to learn about their individual requirements and expectations.

Focusing on continuous development

We believe that only by offering the highest quality, we are able to change the world of our customers for the better. Excellence is not a coincidence – our employees constantly work on continuous improvement and matching of our offer to changing trends and technologies as well as the new needs of our customers. The quality of our products and services is strictly followed and monitored.


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