Living with a nephrostomy

Living with a nephrostomy

For how long is a nephrostomy maintained on the body?

The time of nephrostomy maintenance depends on the reason for its creation – when we are dealing with cancer, it can be retained permanently, in other cases, until the stone is removed, the stenosis subsides or the ureter is restored.

How often should I change the nephrostomy catheter?

Silicone catheters are replaced every 1-3 months.
Latex catheters every 6-7 days.
If it is necessary – the catheter should be replaced immediately.

What should you do if you notice a reduced amount of urine in the urine collection bag?

In this case, the nephrostomy drain or the catheter could have slipped out. Immediately consult your doctor. It is possible to insert a new drain into the kidney through the existing canal, however, a delay may cause the canal closure within the kidney and the need to re-puncture the kidney or re-perform the entire procedure.

How is the catheter inserted into the kidneys?

The catheter / drain is inserted directly into the kidney. Depending on the type of catheter used, it is sewn to the skin, or a balloon catheter is placed inside the patient’s body and filled according to the instructions of the catheter manufacturer – making sewing of the catheter to the skin unnecessary.

How should I care for my nephrostomy?

Daily care of the skin around nephrostomy is recommended (disinfection and sterile dressing). Urine collection bags should be replaced every day.

What amount of liquids should be consumed within 24 hours to ensure safe kidney function and proper hydration?

To ensure adequate hydration of the body and to facilitate the disposal of unnecessary metabolic products, you should drink large amounts of liquids, a minimum of 2 litres a day. The amount of urine flowing into the bag should be controlled and the drain should be handled carefully to avoid pulling it out.

What are the dietary recommendations for people with nephrostomy?

There are no strict guidelines as to the kind of diet that should be used by patients with a nephrostomy. The diet should be easily digestible. To avoid loading the urinary tract, you should not consume alcohol, coffee, milk, citrus fruit or spicy foods. Try to prevent diseases of the urinary tract by eating cranberries, which have a protective effect on the urinary tract.

Can I pursue a professional career with a nephrostomy?

Of course you can. The comfort of living with a nephrostomy is good, however medical and nursing instructions should be followed and the scheduled times of reporting for replacement of the nephrostomy catheter should be observed.