Aurega 2 Baseplate

Aurega 2 Baseplate

The Aurega 2 Baseplate is part of a two-piece system created for people with different types of ostomies. The attachment of a baseplate to a pouch is very simple and provides a safe and long-lasting connection thanks to the locking ring system. All Aurega 2 Baseplates are equipped with a special liftable coupling ring, which enable pressure-free and painless attachment of a two-piece bag to the baseplate. Thanks to its innovative design and unique solutions, the baseplate of the Aurega 2 system provides comfort and safety unparalleled in any other two-piece ostomy systems.

Secure coupling

The attachment of a baseplate to a pouch in the two-piece Aurega 2 system is possible thanks to the locking ring system that connects the rings of the pouch and of the baseplate in an extremely simple way. Connecting the pouch to the Aurega 2 Baseplate is performed by gently pressing the plastic ring of the bag to the ring of the baseplate until you hear a characteristic click.

The Aurega 2 Baseplate locking ring coupling system holds the pouch securely in place, even in the event of sudden stress, without the need for using stoma strips. The safe and long-lasting connection of the baseplate to a pouch in the two-piece Aurega 2 system allows full freedom in everyday activities and no worries about leaks.

Pressure free fastening

Aurega 2 Baseplates are equipped with a special liftable coupling ring, enabling the pressure-free connection of a two-piece bag to the baseplate. The plastic ring can be easily pulled away from the body, thus creating a free space between the ring and the baseplate flange. This space allows you to insert the fingers of both hands into it and absorb the pressure exerted on the baseplate by the pouch ring that accompanies the connection of the pouch and baseplate in any two-piece system.

The pressure-free liftable coupling ring system in Aurega 2 Baseplates allows painless connection of the two-piece bag to the baseplate. This is extremely important for the daily use of a two-piece system, especially in the case of sensitive or irritated skin – the cushioning of the mechanical pressure, facilitated by the elevated ring, completely eliminates the problem of abdominal pain when attaching the pouch to the baseplate, including in patients who have just had the surgery and whose skin is sore after the stoma creation.

Thin and elastic flange

The special manufacturing technology means that the thickness of the adhesive flange in all Aurega 2 Baseplates does not exceed 1.2 mm. Such a small thickness of the baseplate flange, compared to standard ostomy baseplates, offers extremely high elasticity, allowing better adaptation to the uneven surface of the skin and accurate filling of microscopic skin folds present in every person. A perfect fit to the skin micro-surface makes the Aurega 2 Baseplate remain attached to the body for many days. The strong adherence of the baseplate flange to the skin counteracts the leakage of the intestinal/urinary contents under the surface of the adhesive, blocking any possible leakage path. Thanks to the firm adherence of the flange to the skin surface, in principle, the bag user does not need ostomy paste.

We know that each body is different. The thinness of the flange in the Aurega 2 Baseplate allows it to naturally adjust to individual body shapes, including hernia, scars and other skin irregularities. The elastic properties of our flange also let it stretch and return to its original shape, following the natural movements of the body. Therefore, the risk of flange detachment is much smaller than in the case of standard ostomy flanges.

We know that the skin around the stoma should receive special protection and care. For this reason, we only use skin-friendly, gentle hydrocolloids for the production of our flanges. The hydrocolloids contained in flanges of our two-piece baseplates have a soothing effect on the skin, providing optimal healing conditions in the case of skin irritation.

The flange is also characterised by high absorption of liquid substances, minimising the risk of maceration of the skin around the stoma. The hydrophobic properties of hydrocolloids used in flanges of Aurega baseplates guarantee proper maintenance of the adhesive properties – the hydrocolloids contained in the outer layer of the flange form a protective barrier against water and other liquid substances, while the inner layer of the flange absorbs excess unnecessary moisture present on the skin.

The flange in Aurega 2 Baseplate is a perfect combination of safe and durable adhesion and comfort of use – attaching, wearing and removing the adhesive flange is completely painless for the skin around the stoma. Despite its firm adhesion properties, the removal of the baseplate is imperceptible to the skin and leaves it intact.