Aurega 1 Urostomy Convex Light

Aurega 1 Urostomy Convex Light

The Aurega 1 Urostomy Convex Light is a one-piece urostomy bag with a special flange convexity intended to manage flat or retracted urostomies and help compensate for skin irregularities such as creases or folds. Aurega Convex Light offers extra thinness which translates into higher elasticity and much better adaptation to the irregular skin surface. The bag have a special double-chamber construction and contain internal non-return valves which prevent urine backflow. The bag is intended to be used with different types of stoma depending on the place of its emergence – ureter (ureterostomy), bladder (cystostomy), kidneys (nephrostomy), small intestine (ileostomy) or esophagus (salivary gland fistula).

Extra elasticity

Aurega Convex Light, thanks to its extremely small thinness, offers improved elasticity and ensures perfect flange adaptation to the irregular skin surface.

Reduction in thickness offers better adherence, which in turn counteracts the leakage of the intestinal contents under the surface of the adhesive. The elastic properties of Aurega Convex Light flange also let it stretch and return to its original shape, following the natural movements of the body.

The convex flange is recommended for ostomates whose stomas are flush to the skin or retracted. Convex curve can also provide sufficient tension to flatten peristomal skin folds, thus creating a flatter surface for flange application.

Outer non-woven backing

In the production of Aurega bags we use only specially selected soft and light non-woven fabrics which are skin-friendly and does not cause strong friction with the clothing. The beige material colour has been chosen to ensure the optimal level of discretion by matching the natural skin colour of the user. In the case of beige bags with a viewing window, the double non-woven layer reduces the rustling of the film.

The fabrics used for Aurega bags production are waterproof and offers high breathability, which prevents the formation of sweat on the skin at the place where the bag comes into contact with the body. The hydrophobic properties of the non-woven material allow the bag to dry quickly after swimming or taking a shower.

Non return valves and double-chamber construction

Aurega Urostomy pouches have a special two-chamber design and contain internal non-return valves located halfway along the bag’s length. Thanks to this, the urine, irrespective of the position of the body and the position of the bag, does not flow back to the urinary fistula. The non-return system in Aurega Urostomy pouches prevents urinary tract infections, and thus, helps avoid the inconvenience associated with them.

Flexible plug outlet

Aurega Urostomy pouches are equipped with a small and safe plug sealing outlet, allowing quick and easy emptying of the bag without detaching it from the skin. Using the flexible plug outlet is extremely simple – the pouch is opened by removing the sealing plug from its outlet. After emptying the pouch of the collected urine, it is enough to put the sealing plug back into the bag’s outlet.

The outlet is made of soft silicone, and its small size makes it barely perceptible. An external urine collection bag can be connected to the valve using universal connectors attached to each package of Aurega Urostomy pouches.

Viewing window

All Aurega bags with a double-sided non-woven material have a viewing window located on the outer side of the bag. The window allows easy monitoring of the stoma as well as the amount and state of the bag’s content. It is also helpful when attaching the bag, making it easier to precisely match the hole in the flange to the stoma on the body.