Aurega 1 Drainable Neonatal

Aurega 1 Drainable Neonatal

The Aurega 1 Drainable Neonatal is a one-piece ostomy bag available in both transparent and beige non-woven backing variants. Due to a special mini pouch design and extra small flange, the bag is suitable for the bodies of the youngest of ostomates. The bag is equipped with an active carbon filter which prevents it from ballooning. Soft fabric ensures the bag is skin-friendly and gentle in contact with the body. Due to unique manufacturing technology, the flange is extremely elastic and adapts to all individual skin irregularities, ensuring it remains on the body for many days. The bag is intended to be used with different types of stoma depending on the place of its emergence: small intestine (ileostomy or jejunostomy), large intestine (colostomy) or esophagus (salivary gland fistula).

Velcro fastening

The Aurega Drainable ostomy bag series is equipped with an integrated Velcro fastener, making the opening and closing of the bag extremely quick and easy. Closing the bag takes place by folding its outlet 3 times towards the body and joining the rolled up tip with the material overlap fastened to the bag’s foil. Opening the bag is an even simpler task – just disconnect the material layer from the Velcro tip, and then unfold the previously rolled-up bag outlet.

The base of the bag outlet include a special overlap which greatly facilitates emptying of the bag’s contents without the risk of soiling your hands.

Thin and elastic flange

Due to the special manufacturing technology the thickness of adhesive in Aurega flanges does not exceed 0.75 mm. Such a small thinness offers extremely high elasticity and allows for better adaptation to the uneven surface of the skin. An accurate filling of microscopic skin folds makes the Aurega ostomy bags remain attached to the body for many days and counteract the intestinal contents leakage by blocking any possible leakage path.

The thinness of the flange allows it to naturally adjust to individual body shapes including hernias, scars and other skin irregularities. The flange’s elastic properties let it stretch and return to its original shape, following the natural movements of the body.

The skin around the stoma should receive special protection and care. For this reason, we only use skin-friendly and gentle hydrocolloids for the production of our flanges. The hydrocolloids contained in Aurega products have a soothing effect on the skin, providing optimal healing conditions in case of skin irritation.

The flange is characterised by high absorption of liquid substances, minimising the risk of maceration of the skin around the stoma. The hydrophobic properties of hydrocolloids guarantee proper maintenance of the adhesive properties – hydrocolloids contained in the outer layer of the flange form a protective barrier against water and other liquid substances, while the inner layer absorbs excess unnecessary moisture present on the skin.

Outer non-woven backing

In the production of Aurega bags we use only specially selected soft and light non-woven fabrics which are skin-friendly and does not cause strong friction with the clothing. The beige material colour has been chosen to ensure the optimal level of discretion by matching the natural skin colour of the user. In the case of beige bags with a viewing window, the double non-woven layer reduces the rustling of the film.

The fabrics used for Aurega bags production are waterproof and offers high breathability, which prevents the formation of sweat on the skin at the place where the bag comes into contact with the body. The hydrophobic properties of the non-woven material allow the bag to dry quickly after swimming or taking a shower.

Viewing window

All Aurega bags with a double-sided non-woven material have a viewing window located on the outer side of the bag. The window allows easy monitoring of the stoma as well as the amount and state of the bag’s content. It is also helpful when attaching the bag, making it easier to precisely match the hole in the flange to the stoma on the body.